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Team members

Xiaodan Fan Associate Professor

Affiliation and address :

  1. Department of Statistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  2. Institute of Network Coding, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Email contact:
Researcher ID:

Research areas :

  • Statistical Modeling and Computing
  • Computational Biology / Bioinformatics
  • Pattern Recognition and Classification Methods

Keywords :

Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo methods, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics

Description of ongoing research projects:

  1. Theme-based Research Scheme grant: Gastric Cancer Genomics and Beyond - Moving from Patient Samples to 3D Organoid Cultures for Integrative Genomics Analysis, Drug Sensitivity Assays, Cell Biological Studies and Animal Models
  2. GRF grant: Bayesian Integrative Clustering for Combining Vectorial Data and Network Data
  3. Theme-based Research Scheme grant: An Integrated Trans-omics Approach to Diabetic Cardio-renal Complications: From Novel Discoveries to Personalized Medicine
  4. UGC-AoE Grant: Institute of Network Coding

PhD or post-doctoral projects opportunities:

Opportunities for PhD and post-doc research: applicants who are interested in machine learning or probabilistic method development for Bioinformatics problems are welcome to contact me.

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